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The Herbst Group is large enough to have deep and diverse industry knowledge and experience; small enough to focus on each client’s specific needs; and nimble enough to integrate the two.

Our Approach

We strive to be... Astute

The Herbst Group is composed of individuals who bring a wide variety of experience and expertise to the table. We’re known for being detailed and diligent, focused on long-term gains vs short-term returns. We continue to educate ourselves with daily reading and market research, incorporating what we’ve learned with what we know about each client’s unique needs. It’s this well-informed, individual approach that serves us, and our clients, so well.

We strive to be... Affable

At The Herbst Group, we are more than money managers – we are a trusted resource our clients consult for improving their financial well-being. When they seek our counsel, they always find real people, ready and willing to come alongside them. We know our clients want to invest with people that care – we strive to be that friendly, responsive advocate they, and their family, will return to, again and again.

We strive to be... Refined

Clients of The Herbst Group have access to our personal and professional networks, providing added value beyond our high-quality, individualized wealth management services. As Independent Financial Advisors, we have the freedom to offer our clients a tailored experience they won’t find in larger firms, coupled with the expertise needed to meet their financial goals.

We strive to be... Reliable

Rather than being distracted by short-term fluctuations and news of the day, we are focused on long-term results and the protection of principal. We want to be known as the well-networked firm that is intentional in our relationships and unmatched in our professionalism. We are more than investment advisors, we are here to help our clients navigate key financial moments in their life, now and into the future, for generations to come.

Be Prepared. Be Known.

At The Herbst Group, we strive to be your trusted resource for generations.

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